About us

We are a group of Abolitionists with years of experience in Animal Rights & vegan education. After a long period of critical thinking and deep analysis, we have come to realize that focusing on vegan education to justice will take us to where we aim. An attempt to change human nature (i.e. selfishness, greed, bloodlust) is a tragic mistake, as it is impossible, and will be a waste of the most expensive resource we have - time.

Instead, we’ve decided to take a different path and to invest our time and resources to promote the development of Cultured Meat . Unlike other paths, we believe this one can actually lead to a significant change in global meat consumption.

Like the "persuasion path", the path we chose is also characterized by long-term vision. Although we cannot say our new path will create a root solution to the animal holocaust, at least it has the potential to abolish the meat industry worldwide in dozens of years, something we cannot say about other paths in our movement.

It is worth noting that our new path by no way means a surrender of the vision of Animal Rights. We are and will remain committed to Animal Rights.

Please feel comfortable to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Also, if you encountered a broken link or wrong information, we will appreciate if you let us know.

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