If you are an environmentalist, please read thoroughly the following references, which contain key information about the potential positive impact of cultured meat on our environment:

  1. Background information, cultured meat.
    Information sheet for press release from Chalmers University of Technology, 11-09-05
  2. Could lab-grown meat soon be the solution to the world's food crisis? (Guardian, January 2012)
  3. Lab-Grown Meat Would Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Save Energy, Research Suggests (Science Daily)
  4. Artificial meat could slice emissions, say scientists (Guardian)
  5. Growing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Due to Meat Production (UNEP: United Nations Environment Programme)
  6. Raising Meat in Greener Ways (Reuters)
  7. Lab-Grown Meat Could Slash Emissions By 96% (Tree Hugger)

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