"The more one analyses people, the more all reasons for analysis disappear. Sooner or later one comes to that dreadful universal thing called human nature."   ~Oscar Wilde

Factors any Animal Rights activist should consider when choosing a path:

  1. The human species (like other species) is and programmed for its own perpetuation.
  2. "Humans are much creatures. In everyday life on average, people try to merge into society, behave correspondingly, and afterwards rationalize their behaviour, i.e. find "rational" reasons why they act as they act." note
    Most of them lack the intelligence and/or the desire required to understand the concept of Animal Rights. note
  3. Most humans lack the emotional intelligence required to understand what farm animals go through in factory farms.
  4. Humans in general have a strong need for social security, they want things to stay as they are. Just like chemical equilibrium, every change in the status quo will lead to resistance, as people have benefits from the situation as it is today.
  5. for billions of people around the world, the concept of Animal Rights (not necessarily veganism) is not even a consideration due to their religious beliefs.
  6. The birth rate in the world is much higher than the death rate & rate of people turning vegan combined.
  7. The animal holocaust is far from its peak. The human consumption of animals is destined to increase significantly, especially in underdeveloped countries.
  8. The animals oppression is the most extreme oppression ever been in the history of the planet. If we take into consideration the huge number of animals that are being murdered, the suffering they go through and the exploitation. The fact that it is world wide, the speciesism which is everywhere in each culture around the world (language, books, media, parenting, school, etc.), the fact that we are not even close to the exploitation peak - we must realize that the preliminary data is impossible to beat, especially with ordinary and dogmatic activity.
  9. Animal Rights is a ; it cannot be proven as mathematical theorem can.
  10. Many of the animal rights activists are speciesist. This is a serious obstacle towards animal liberation, as the animal's interests are not the most important thing in the activists' minds.
  11. Many of the activists in the movement believe animal welfare is a positive step towards abolition/liberation and therefore cooperate with the exploiters.
  12. The ramifications of vegan education are "theoretical". Apart from ALF, animal rights activists rarely receive instant gratification for their hard work; they don't get to see all the nonhumans they are saving, and for many of them it's all about that. This causes a despair in some of the activists that can lead to a decrease in the number of activists and/or an increase in welfare activism.
  13. With regards to past struggles, the Animal Rights struggle is unique: the strugglers are and exploited. It means, that as opposed to the past strugglers who fought for themselves, the animal rights strugglers are less committed and invest much less time and money. note
  14. The struggle to end Slavery in the United States took and was finally won in a Civil War which broke out more as a result of political interests than as result of moral interests. As oppose to the animal rights struggle, they had much more activists, they had much more money, the strugglers were the ones who were being oppressed and the oppressed side was closer species-wise to the oppressing side.
  15. The human society has a clear interest to acknowledge the rights of the members of their own species, as they can profit from it. If human rights will not exist, society can lose much of its efficiency, and will function worse. This is the main reason society has a moral code, not because humans are caring beings, but because of society's self interest. On the other hand, human society can only gain by not acknowledging the rights of other animals, as other animals cannot fight back - therefore, they are the perfect oppressed, and humans have no interest to give up this "gold mine", since these animals are being (violently) used for many human needs, and they cannot threaten the function of human society.
  16. The human character is one that does not settle for what it has. It doesn't matter what is one's situation (socially, economically), people will always feel unsatisfied with what they have (even if they are rich and popular), and that going vegan and/or start considering animal rights is something they cannot deal with right now. Animal rights issues are pushed aside every time a human matter comes up (even if it is a small and insignificant one) because humans feel constantly miserable. It also has something to do with the over-achieving society we live in; where people are educated to aim as high as they can in every aspect of their lives. This results in a very self-centered society, in which new moral ideas that downgrade the human's condition are bound to fail.
  17. To become vegan, many must give up on what they consider to be one of the greatest pleasures in their lives.
  18. The animal rights movements' paths are taking too much time (and without any significant change), we need to think of a much faster path.
  19. Our activity time is limited. Read here for more: Being mortal and its consequences on activism.

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After considering the problems with our movement and difficulties regarding the human kind - we must realize something has got to change. We need to act in a more creative and effective way than we are.

Visit Words of Wisdom to read other thinkers and philosophers in our movement analyzing human nature.

By "understand the concept of Animal Rights" we mean to be fully aware that this concept cannot be refuted; and that no matter what kind of counter argument one may face, he/she will have no problem to explain the logical fallacy behind it.
"The central idea in my approach is the observation that humans are much more social than rational creatures. In everyday life on average, people try to merge into society, behave correspondingly, and afterwards rationalize their behaviour, i.e. find "rational" reasons why they act as they act. This observation is so obvious that it does not seem to merit quoting empirical support."
~Martin Balluch, Animal Rights activist
"Let's be honest. The animal rights movement as we now know it will never become a revolutionary struggle because the representatives of the oppressed enjoy enough privilege from the system they oppose to prevent them from supporting, let alone engaging in actual revolutionary activity that would risk those comforts."
~Rod Coronado, former ALF activist and political prisoner

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