Re: "The Case Against Test Tube Meat"

Issue number 1 of Abolitionist Online (August 2005) included the article "The Case Against Test Tube Meat" written by Jeff Perz, an activist whom we greatly appreciate. The following are important comments about this article, some of them based on information from New Harvest organization. It is worth mentioning that the person who directs this organization, Jason Matheny, whose name gets mentioned several times during Perz's article, is an animal rights advocate and vegan for many years.

The article contains several factual errors:

  1. Obtaining satellite cells doesn't require "rape" of an animal. Satellite cells are obtained from muscle biopsies, which can be painlessly (and non-lethally) performed with a needle.
  2. The cell medium doesn't contain "muscle tissue." Animals are not "murdered" to produce lipids. The lipids are chemically synthesized.
  3. Not a single animal death is needed to produce in vitro meat.


  1. The scientists involved in the research do not test on animals. It is possible that animal testing would be involved to get FDA approval. This is unclear, as the regulatory classification of in vitro meat is ambiguous.
  2. The scientists that use animal-derived ingredients in some of their experiments try to develop alternatives at the same time.

Critical disagreement:

Jeff Perz believes that humans (generally speaking) Though very much respecting Perz's belief, we (the activists behind this website) do not share this belief anymore.


The section "No Exploitation Tomorrow?" in the article explains why "even if it were possible to create meat without the use of non-human animals... the exploration and development of in vitro meat production is fundamentally immoral." We agree with almost every word in this section. However, we do not think that being a passive observer to the everlasting holocaust of nonhumans is a better solution for our problem.

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